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Disturbing Videos and My Stand On Physician Assisted Suicide

I was searching youtube for some suicide prevention videos and possibly some videos from the “Coming Out of The Darkness” awareness walks that take place around the country…. what I found was horrible.

The dark side of youtube.

I found instruction videos on how to make a proper noose, etc, and videos of actual suicides. Yes, some were hoaxes, others were little documentaries, but one specifically disturbed me. It was a webcam video of a man asphyxiating himself by hanging in which if he just stood up, he would have lived. He did not do that though. Sure, this video could be an elaborate hoax, but I do believe it is real for a couple reasons which I do not want to give the gory details of. It is sped up just a bit so I am not sure what the time lapse would truly have been between the time he put the rope around his neck and his body stopped moving, to the time the police got there and started CPR.

Why do I mention this? I am horrified for one that someone would upload this for someone to see, and I am horrified of the amount of views this video had.

There are others… specifically jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge and it is just tragic that people get to that low point (which I certainly have felt but just held on waiting for things to get better) where they feel that death by suicide is their only option.

I do have a unique view on suicide, though it does not include those who have mental disorders.

I do believe that physician assisted suicide should be legal across the board in every state… but not for anybody and everybody who want to die. I believe that the person must be at the end stage of a chronic illness, in which they will die from, and I believe that family support should be there as well. Sadly that isn’t always the case though because we are selfish when we love someone and wish to have every second with them that we can have. That is not for the ill persons sake, but for “our” sake… the ones that keep on living after our loved ones passed.

I had an aunt with a crooked spine… uncomfortable, probably painful, but not life threatening. She lived like this for 20 years that I know of and know that she lived with it many more years before I knew her. Her pain continued to increase to the point that she moaned and cried out 24/7 WHILE ON PAIN MEDICATION.  After many tests, she was found to have cancer running up and down her spine, causing unimaginable pain. 

She suffered through it for at least a year. A year of screaming out, moaning, crying, unable to move, sponge baths made her cry out in horrible pain. You could literally hear her throughout the hospital corridors when you got to her floor. The pain was unreal. She stuck it out to the bitter end and it broke everyones heart to see her like this. Though she would not have willingly died, I believe that anyone with this condition, this much pain, and who will die relatively soon, should have the option to request a cocktail of medications to help them fall into eternal sleep.

Physician assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

Here is a great article to read about it: Physician Assisted Suicide

It points out that it is not utilized much at all, which I find surprising. It is interesting how an unhealthy mind will think self destruction is the only way out, but a healthy mind will preserve life as long as possible.

Just a little ramble with things to think about.

Zach Sobiech

I was cruising  the book of face and found a post by a friend about this amazing young man… Zach Sobiech. So much can be learned by him in this short 20 minute insight into the end of his life (which sadly ended earlier this month), and get a glimpse of the beautiful soul he was. I watched the entire video with tears in my eyes… my hand over my heart because it hurt for him and all who loved him and knew him.

We don’t meet many people with the beautiful spirit he had and it is so contagious in the video. You just want to be surrounded by those who surrounded him to truly live with him when he had a short time to go… you wanted to be near him.

His story is heartbreaking and beautiful.

It reminded me that life is not always beautiful but it is a beautiful life.

If you have a few moments, watch this video. It may change your perspective for the day… and hopefully for all the days ahead. This is a story about living… not dying.

How about a little laugh??

Not sure if you are aware of this awesome video but you should check it out. Every time I watch it I laugh, or smile at the least.

I must add that this animal is now famous and has attorney because he was an overnight sensation and will be in commercial and what not.

Please check out “Teasing The Dog”. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. LOL

Day 3/30

Day 3: Your first love.

Now, this does not get very specific so without being too ridiculous I am going to list my most memorable “crushes/loves”.

1. Madonna. I cannot explain how much I loved her leggings, lace, teased hair, boy toy belt… and I cannot tell you how much my Grandmother (Nanny) hated hearing me sing “Like a Virgin”. LMAO! My album was taken from me because of that song and I had to wait for True Blue to come out.

2. Poetry. I fell in love with poetry in the 5th grade when we had to memorize and recite a poem for the class. Next thing I knew I was writing though I had no clue of any “formats” that poetry is suppose to take. Sadly, I still am not aware of different poetry techniques. I just write.

3. Orchestra. I fell in LOVE with music and began playing the viola when I was 11yrs old.

4. The New Kids on The Block– Don’t hate, but I LOVED them for years. Funny thing is that my 17 yr old daughter likes them since their comeback. LOL.

5. 1St high school love is the Father of my 2 oldest kiddos. I knew of him since junior high… officially knew him when I was 14 yrs old. He was/is a good person… a good Dad.

6. Dot from Mad T.V…. or Mad TV in general. So many of the ridiculous characters make me cry. But Dot… I ❤

And so I leave with you with a youtube video of Dot…. It’s the Psych visit… packed full of Dot antics! HAHAHAHA.

7. Laughter! Even by myself, I can get my laugh on.  🙂

8. (10, 2, 4) DR. PEPPER!!!! I love all Dr. Pepper but I REALLY love when they bust out the old school bottles that say “10, 2, & 4” across the top and it kindly notifies you that these bottles were made with sugar cane! Yummmmm… I use to find these often when I lived in TX because there is a Dr. Pepper factory in Dublin, TX. Supposedly… if you drank the Dr. Pepper at 10 o’clock. 2 o’clock, and 4 o’clock, it would help to keep you “regular” if you get what I mean. What a great sales antic!

9. Reading. Reading has been a passion instilled into me since I was very little. As a child I read classics such as Black Beauty, Little Women, 1000 Leagues Under the Sea, Treasure Island and more. As I grew up, I read Stephen King and Greg Iles. Now I appreciate a variety of authors and genres. I have been reading 5 different books but have cut it down to 2 so that I can start finishing what I start.  🙂 While bathing I am reading a romance novel, lol, and during the day I am reading the War of Art which was given to me by a wonderful friend here in blog world. ♥

10. Rain. People always tell me that I would hate the rain if I lived in it year in and year out but I do not believe them. I once lived in a small city in N. Texas that got quite a bit of rain. In fact, it would rain days on end quite often, or do a massive pour down and be clear skied for a couple days. We had a tornado warning on my birthday in 2008.. which was fun. So, even though it did not rain all day every single day, I think it is still safe to bet that I would love to live some place that gets rain!  Rain is like the ocean to me… something about the way it sounds and looks is therapeutic to me. When it rains, I open all windows (rain permitting), sit on the balcony, or if all else fails (this is my favorite), I sit in my car. I love the way rain sounds from inside the car. God I wish it was raining right this second. ♥

First loves can be so many things!