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Zach Sobiech

I was cruising  the book of face and found a post by a friend about this amazing young man… Zach Sobiech. So much can be learned by him in this short 20 minute insight into the end of his life (which sadly ended earlier this month), and get a glimpse of the beautiful soul he was. I watched the entire video with tears in my eyes… my hand over my heart because it hurt for him and all who loved him and knew him.

We don’t meet many people with the beautiful spirit he had and it is so contagious in the video. You just want to be surrounded by those who surrounded him to truly live with him when he had a short time to go… you wanted to be near him.

His story is heartbreaking and beautiful.

It reminded me that life is not always beautiful but it is a beautiful life.

If you have a few moments, watch this video. It may change your perspective for the day… and hopefully for all the days ahead. This is a story about living… not dying.