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My Past…You I Release

My Past… You I release

Cut through,

a jagged knife in the side.

Unable to forget those lingering words.

Damage irreparable.

Tiptoe through shards,

Of a most broken life.

Charade of lies.

I made you “lose all hope in humanity”…

How those words echo,


Shake me, cut at my heart, burn away my soul.

Those simple words…

bring me to my reality.

I did not mean to run, I did not want to hide.

I only wanted relief,

of these tormenting demons.

I needed escape from my dangerous thoughts…

I gambled and lost.

Gambled with my life.

Now I rise, take hold of what I believe.

Take hold of the love,


Moving forward, piecing myself back together.

Held in open arms.

My past…you I release.

© bipolarmuse 2012