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Birthday Love


My birthday just recently passed… and my love made sure that he covered all bases. He got me a rocken gift, a MAC makeup paller… and a beautiful card that begins with “For the love of my life”. What I loved what was he wrote inside… his love very evident and beautiful. AND… he put a 21 candle on my cake as apposed to my real age, can he get any better? Certainly not. He is amazing and I love him through and through.

What HE wrote in the card: I love you my sweet beautiful baby! I have enjoyed getting to know you and follow the woman you were to the woman you are and to the woman you will become. I am happy to be a part of it.

What the card said: For the love of my life from the man who adores you. Thank you for being the love of my life, the wonderful one I adore, the person who shares all my dreams and desires, my plans, my adventures and more. Thank you for being my very best friend, my comforter when things go wrong, the one who encourages, cheers me, believes in me, changes my “weak” to my “strong.” Thank you for being my partner in life and for filling my heart with such pride- I feel like the happiest man in the world with the woman I love by my side.

Need I say more…

Moving On Affirmation

move on

Ahhhh, the art of letting go and moving on… it is a difficult thing to do and often causes the heartache in our lives.

I remember, not long ago, I held desperately to my past. I held on to the mistakes as well as to the good times that I felt I had thrown away. While difficult to turn around, face forward, and press on… it must be done. I had started this process on my own, but it really kicked into full gear when love re-entered my life. So many things are healing for us… I had forgotten the healing power of love.

Find love and add it to your life. It does not have to be love of another person, but love. I think the greatest love of all is love of self. I work on this daily.

Voodoo! Place your bets!


The time in love has not been very long yet I feel like I have known and loved my man for my whole life. I could not imagine my life without him, and I feel like I was made for the man he is, to compliment him.

And soooooo… I put the voodoo on him.

Hahaha. Anyone know of any good spells?? I don’t need one for love, nor one to make this love last forever, but I need one to snag him, get him to the justice of the peace for two little words…  “I do”. Hehehe,

Ok, so of course this is said in jest and just for fun. I know there isn’t such a thing as a voodoo spell… but it is fun to contemplate.

Wedding bells? No. At least… not yet. (wink wink)

The muse will not jump into anything unhealthy or without much thought, but who wants to start the betting now? This is Vegas after all and gambling is allowed!

Love ~~ Rumi Quote


“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

To be in love… Rumi says it so beautifully.

He is my muse, the flutter in my chest, the beat of my heart, the writings from my pen.

Love has very healing powers. While I know that my disorders will always reside with me, when in love, their presence becomes less and less. He has healed my heart in so many indescribable ways. He in incredible and not only wants me to flourish, but he tells me to ‘forgive’ myself for past pains, he wants me to thrive. To be happier than I can ever imagine.

Not long ago, I didn’t believe in “love”. I believed I was capable of loving but that was the extent of what love was for me. With him, love is abundant… continuously growing and healing the scars on my heart, mind, and soul. He not only kissed away the pains, but also encourages me to heal and forgive.

I am working on forgiveness constantly, it does not come easily.

With love, I heal.

With his love… I heal, thrive, and grow.

Quote By H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.”  H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I can certainly relate to this quote…  my mans happiness is my primary focus, it is very important to me.

In the past, I was quite the bitch towards men that I dated. Everything was about me and I was all authority. I would walk all over them and never showed any affection. This man has shown me was true love is… It is no longer about me, I get to simply be a woman while he takes care of everything else. His happiness is my happiness.

My love for him will never falter… it will always continue to grow in strength.


You make me happy,

You bring me happiness.

Like a natural spring

forcing itself through the crags of a barren and scarred land.

Bringing forth a cornucopia of exhilaration…


and peace of mind.

Feeling that spring widening,

into an ever flowing jet of immense physical force that is actually palpable.

Shooting straight up into the atmosphere…

to a peak where it spreads out equally,

feeding and fertilizing that barren and scarred violent land.

Pouring forth with an eagerness…

 to be the antidote to that once barren and scarred land.

Which has become , an ideal utopia of beauty…


and happiness.

Surpassed only by the eternal beauty of the woman that provides the spring…


I love you baby… and I always will.

© bipolarmuse 2012

~This is another beautiful, poetic email that my man sent to me. I have not changed a word…

I am his muse and he is mine.~