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Bipolar Disorder In Check!




Two years ago…around this time… I was spiraling out of control and feeling the worst I had ever felt with my disorder. I was not capable of thinking straight, holding lasting relationships… I struggled during simple conversations, completing school work, going to work and doing a good job at work. I was making very poor choices, acting impulsively…constantly anxious and teetering from mania to depression and then back, often times all in one day. The doctor explained to me that I was a “rapid cycler” and would experience all the symptoms of mania, hypo-mania, and depression within the same day or within days of one another. I remember the constant agitation, the desperate deep sadness, the crazy fast driving mania. I remember hating my life, hating myself.

Fast forward two years.

I barely remember that person.

Did I get here over night?? Absolutely not. It took 1 year and 8 months to get to where I stand today. I went from hopeless, to breathing hope. I went from lifeless, to thriving. I went from craving death, to craving life. Don’t get me wrong… this certainly was not easy to do and it took a-lot of work on my part. But I want to stress that it can be done. I thought I was “finished”… that life had given me all that there was and there was no longer a reason to keep suffering the way I was. Did I truly want to die? No. But I wanted the pain and suffering to end.

After choosing to live and get help, I worked very hard to find stability and it took over a year to find me. Many things came together and helped me to move forward with my head up… and finally with no tears. Then it took more work from me to continue to grow and heal. I practice mindfulness, look at positive affirmations, reflect on how I feel today and the vast difference from two years ago, and I am faithful at taking my medication.

I don’t claim that getting this disorder under control is easy because it is not. But with continued effort and fighting, it can be accomplished. Know that you are not alone and that all hope is not lost. Find that tiny spark of light in the darkness, and follow it… allow it to guide you…

You can heal, you can grow, you can LIVE. Make it happen.

Positive Affirmation for July.25.2012

Would you agree that these smiles are contagious??

Positive Affirmation: Today I choose to smile and be receptive to kindness.

How many of us go about our day with our heads hung down… staring at the ground as we walk?

I know I am often guilty of doing just that. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to hold your head high and look people in the eyes as you pass them, and offer a kind gesture… something as simple as a nod, a smile, a hello?

When we keep our head down, we are guarding ourselves from the kindness that may be bestowed upon us as well.

For today, for tomorrow, hold your head high. Look people directly in the eyes, say hello, or simply smile. When someone holds the door open for you, look them in the eye and thank them.

If we release this positivity and kindness, it will be returned. Just be receptive and less guarded.

You may be surprised at the difference it makes in your mood.

Choose to smile and choose to be receptive to kindness. ♥