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Bipolar Is Awesome!


Picture courtesy of Pinterest

LOL, I found this and found it funny and a tad bit true. I hate being bipolar at times and at other times, it absolutely rocks. Am I crazy for saying so? Nah… we all have mood swings we go through, mental disorders or not. We all share the same fluctuations in moods, attitudes, behaviors, and well… you get my drift.

I guess we ALL can be bipolar to a degree. The difference? Well, the difference is when these symptoms completely become out of control and interfere with your life. When being depressed causes you to stay in bed day in and day out, that is a problem. When you become so manic you start five different tasks, personal or at work, and cannot complete a single task… that is a problem. This is when some interference is needed to help control these crazy fluctuations in moods.

I can remember sitting in my therapists office… indian style on the couch, clutching a pillow, and rocking back and forth because I could not sit still to save my life. My teeth even chattered. It was like being on a drug. Interference was needed. Then came the massive dose of depekote. I went from speed walking and chattering teeth… reading five books at once… and planning to take over the world to drooling on myself and unable to hardly get off my chair at work. Literally… I drooled on myself, down the side of my mouth, to my shirt, on to my pants….

yeah… I hate being bipolar, it is AWESOME.

Bipolar Quote For July 17, 2012

And Something’s odd – within –
That person that I was –
And this One – do not feel the same –
Could it be Madness – this?”
”~ Emily Dickinson

I adore Emily Dickinson. This poem relates to me as the mood swings of Bipolar Disorder…and perhaps for her to. It is no secret that it is believed she had some sort of mood disorder.

Depression and mania are two separate beasts to deal with…of course, most everyone would choose mania over the dreaded depression that slams you to the concrete.

As you know, I have been living here a week now. While I am ecstatic to be here, I can feel my moods starting to flip flop quite rapidly…even in a single day. I wouldn’t say I am “very” depressed, just a little melancholic… a bit irritable… slightly blue. And then there’s the mania. I do feel a bit manic… but not a-lot either. Just a touch more energy…able to stay up late and wake up early… feeling a little euphoric…but thankfully, not sexual. So I am doing a slight “swing” from one to the other. To be expected considering all things that have taken place. I am missing my family but not calling much because I don’t want them to hear the “blueness” in my voice…the blueness is not a reflection of being unhappy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am happy to be here and seeing my kids is AMAZING. I would not even dream of going back to AZ… or anywhere else at this point. I know that this slight swing is a normal aspect of change.

But change is inevitable… and I embrace it. Now I have to get my brain on board with me. LOL ♥

Lets Talk Mood Swings~ and a Quote

“On a bad day I have mood swings- but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground”.

~Charles Rosenblum


I have been reflecting on my blog and looking through my various posts and poems.

I do not know if my faithful followers have noticed, but I can see a significant mood swing simply by my works alone on this blog… but only one. Granted, I am usually pretty fortunate and very in tune with my moods and I can usually spot them from a mile away. This one I didn’t really see. Why? Because it was very gradual.

I believe I started off in a normal mood, and then it gradually escalated to perhaps a “hypo-manic” type, and then cycling (which would explain the crying spells/blues/irritation though I felt overall pretty well), and then a bit of depression. A “normal” depression though because it came after I visited my babies, so that is a normal “grieving” process. Sadly, it has lasted over a week, but I do feel a steady increase in it wearing off. Yesterday was a sad day, but also one to rejoice in. And today I get to shop for discounted Valentine’s items which makes me happy. Here I come knee high socks covered in hearts and my favorite, Ring Pops!

I just noticed the mood swing and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed it a little bit. LOL, or maybe I am off my rocker. Hehe, just a joke. Got to have fun and laugh… it is good for the soul.

As for the quote, I found it hilarious! HAHA, the “whole mood playground”? I am not sure if I would only want the swings or the whole enchilada but nevertheless, I found it funny and thought I would share.

I hope all had a nice Valentine’s Day and showed themselves and others some love… and continue it daily. We deserve that for ourselves… and kindness to others will help us as well. ♥