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A Little Appreciation ♥



I just wanted to take a moment and tell you, my followers, my friends, that I appreciate your support very much. Whether you follow me because you enjoy my poetry, my honesty when it comes to my own personal struggles, my posts about mental health, or you just thought “bipolarmuse” was a cool blog name… I appreciate every single reader. I appreciate that you come and read, even if only once in a while, because my blog…and my journey… has been affected by all of you. I have met some lovely people who have lifted me up when I was very low… and I have met others through my email who share pieces of themselves privately with me and I am lifted up by being able to offer support and a voice to those who are silent.

I can’t tell you how many times my heart leaps with happiness when I get a random email from someone who tells me that I have made a difference to them… or that my blog reaches further than I thought it ever would. (Read Here about that).
Or when someone takes the time to read my long posts and then emails me with poetic versions of my writings…. or comments with a poem that was inspired by what they just read. The comments and the input I receive is very touching and I often feel that my comments are very inadequate in comparison.

I am feeling happy… in a wonderful place… and I have my big kids here to wrap my arms around and my little babies are always in the forefront of my heart and mind. There have been ups and downs, as you have witnessed…and I have shared this journey here on wordpress since December 2011 even though I have entries as far back as April 2010. I am elated when you tell me that you have seen growth in the short time that you have followed my blog… Growth is progress.

Thank you all for being here along the way. The twists, turns, ups, and downs….all inevitable… thank you for sharing this ride with me. You put a smile on my face. ♥

Naughty, Naughty…Silly Meds!

It is perfectly fine to hope and dream…and to wish.

So, lately I have had a surge of wonderful energy… energy that I have been missing for almost a year now and I believe I know why.

I will share my naughty secret but please do not judge me…. I cut my med dosage in half not very long ago and I can feel life trickling back into my veins. I know… naughty, naughty, tisk, tisk, slap, slap… for being my own Doc and lessening my dosage. In the last couple days I have joined a gym worked out at the gym and at home and I feel like my bubbly, silly humor is creeping back into this numb brain.

Am I on the way to hypo-mania?? Or is this simply the wonderful balance of meds combined with feeling good about myself for feeling hopeful and inspired?? I do not know the answer yet, but I am sure the truth will come out very soon.

Naughty pills dulling my head. I want to feel SOMETHING… not just the everyday living of life. I want loud ridiculous laughs, my silly mannerisms, ecstatic happy moments, and yes… even those down moods. I just don’t want them in their severity.

Right now I am feeling A-OK and I will continue on this path. It is perfectly fine to hope and dream…and to wish.

If a readjustment is needed, I am not afraid to do so. ♥