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Blogging Help


Since I began blogging with wordpress, I have had great luck with building followers and following others. At one time, I was insanely busy writing posts and reading my followers posts and I had a great following with my followers “liking” or commenting on my posts.

This last year has taken a toll on bipolarmuse. I haven’t been writing poetry and posting nearly close to what I use to do. I would love a new look and a revamp of my blog. I understand that this will take time and perhaps a little money out of pocket to purchase a theme instead of using the free ones provided from wordpress.

Do any of you have any advice on how I can rebuild my followers and encourage them to read and either “like” or comment on my posts. I do understand that my blog may not be everyones cup of tea, but I know that I can increase followers and participation from them because I once had that.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can go about doing this?

I appreciate any advice that you send my way…♥

p.s. Thank you to all my followers who have always been a great support! I have several of you who are faithful followers and I love that so much.  🙂

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to Bipolarmuse.com!!!

Today is my One year anniversary and it has been a wonderful journey that I have shared here on the press of the word. I remember that when I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect but I do know that I did not expect much. I had my blog at a different blog host and didn’t have much luck with it there at all. Switching it over was the best thing I could have done for the blog, and watching it grow has been exciting to say the least. Bipolarmuse has over 700 followers and over 60,000 hits. The growth has been tremendous and I thank each and every one of you for helping make this blog a success for me. This blog is my “baby” and I get so much enjoyment from sharing my world with others. I enjoy sharing and helping… giving hope… showing that when all hope is lost, things can get better.

Oddly enough, I created a new blog this month as well. The new blog is much different and is not something I will advertise on Bipolarmuse… but I wanted to mention it because December must be my month to create a blog! LOL. One for December 2011, two for December 2012… will there be a pattern?! Hahaha, I doubt such but it is a funny thought.

I want to thank you all for being a part of Bipolarmuse’s life and allowing me to share this journey with you all. There certainly have been some ups and some downs… I can say, without a doubt, the ride has been a great one. ♥

Need Motivation… Ideas Please!!

I read blogs that I absolutely love and make me wish I was feeling more productive as of late. I feel like I am uncreative and am in need of some motivation…

Does anyone know of any challenges out there right now?? Or anything fun they had to do daily with their blog??

Any ideas would be AWESOME.

Would I Steer You Wrong??

Ok my peeps. I am sure you have noticed that I very rarely re-blog anything. RARELY. Not that I don’t find things I would like to share, I just usually keep it to my own bloggy stuff and that’s that.

Well, I have done a couple re-blogs lately and feel I need to mention this blog to you. It is HILARIOUS. And in a simple way. I get the best laughs with the least amount of effort from this blog…and I say that with all the affection and blog love in the world.

Please check out Bring Me The Head Of David Dixon. Look through a few of the posts there and make your own educated decision. But break out the funny person in you… this blog, while at times, thought provoking…at times it makes me spill my beverage with unexpected laughter bellowing out of my face.

I swear David Dixon, if I ruin my laptop over spilled drinks… we will have to toast to it!

Again… in case you missed it…

Bring Me The Head Of David Dixon– CHECK IT

Here is a prime example: have fun, be careful

80,000 Hits by December 2012, Can It Be Done??

I began this blog here on the “press of the word” as an old beautiful blog friend liked to call it, in December 2011 and faithfully have posted each month since. I do have older posts that were written during the darkest moments of my blog life… if you like archives, feel free to dive in. You will definitely get a true sense of how far I have come as fellow blogger Edward Hotspur has expressed to me.

Since December 2011, this blog has had over 44,000 hits. I do not say this to brag but because I am ecstatic that it is reaching people… even if it is “accidentally” stumbled upon, as it has been by several who have emailed me to express their happiness at finding my blog.

My goal is to try to get 40,000 more hits by my 1yr anniversary in December. Which means I better start stepping up on my posts, and on my reading of the blogs I am subscribed to… And I should branch out and read new blogs, to make more friends in this blogosphere.

I believe it can be done… and if I do not hit that number… that is quite alright by me. I just want to reach whoever needs to read what I am saying, whoever needs inspiration, whoever doesn’t need to feel alone, whoever loves poetry, whoever would enjoy my blog world.

Cheers to blogging success!! p.s. I am using sweetened tea to “cheer” this morning, it is not quite time for an alcoholic libation. LOL


My lovely friends, I want to let you know that I will be doing many re-blogs of my OLD posts that will go into the new Bipolarmuse ♥ category. If you are interested in reading them, please do. They are from 2010 and up.

I hope you enjoy, otherwise… just delete what goes to your inbox. LOL.

Thank you for all of your support.

p.s. Many of them will be quite depressing, but if you look at my posts as a “whole”, you can surely see the improvements I have made in life. ♥