Contact Bipolarmuse♥

I love interacting with my fellow Muses!

Please feel free to contact me personally for any reason at all. I know that sometimes people are uncomfortable to leave comments for all to read, so I want you to be able to contact me on a personal level, personal and confidential. I will not share your email to any outside party… it is strictly for me to correspond with you when you take time from your schedule to reach out to me.

I appreciate your messages and look forward to speaking to you!

If you don’t wish to use the form above, you can email me at:


Sorry I have to spell it out in that way, but it prevents spam from bombarding my inbox. Nothing I hate more than sifting through thousands of emails to find the legit messages from my fellow Muses.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!


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I love to hear from my fellow "Muses"... please share your thoughts!

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