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Ted Talk By Max Silverman on 1 Invisible Illness~ Mental Illness

Many illness’s are invisible… I have a few of them myself, but this one really hits home for me.

I watch people my age struggle with various diseases… some are even battling cancer. Their treatment causes their hair to fall out, many become thin and will look “ill”. Their fight to live is cheered on… friends and family do everything they can to help. They assist with making dinners, childcare, even helping monetarily with medical and living expenses… they are added to prayer lists… the support they receive is HUGE and no doubt helps them to face their illness and fight it with all their strength. It is beautiful to see communities pulling together to support those battling debilitating illness’s.

This short video opens with just that. This man’s Mother is battling cancer… the help they receive is amazing, and appreciated beyond words.

Max Silverman begins, telling of all the love and support they received… not only to his Mother, but extended to him and the rest of his family as well. Meals were delivered for four (yes, 4) months straight, when he got to school, he was welcomed with hugs and offers of help, questions “How is your Mom? Is she ok? Are YOU ok? Is there anything I can do to help?” Then they would offer their shoulder to cry on. He mentioned to his Mom how amazing it was, and how they should be proud that they had such a caring support system of friends and family…

She just smiled… and nodded her head… and she said…

Where was this when we really needed it? When your brother was sick?”

Max Silverman then proceeds to explain to us what his brother was ill with… which illness it was that his brother was battling for his life over…

… Mental Illness

Take 20 minutes and listen to what he has to say… understanding what he is talking about might make a different in your life… or the life of someone you love. ♥

Emotional Intelligence… Practice It!


I love emotional intelligence! When we practice this, we remove all power that we allow others to have over us. I know it is difficult to learn and practice, trust me… this one is hard for me too… but once we are accountable for all of our emotions, we can have better control over them. Nobody “makes” us feel anything… our emotions belong to each and every one of us, they are not in the hands of others. Take back control and choose how you will feel…

Moving On Affirmation

move on

Ahhhh, the art of letting go and moving on… it is a difficult thing to do and often causes the heartache in our lives.

I remember, not long ago, I held desperately to my past. I held on to the mistakes as well as to the good times that I felt I had thrown away. While difficult to turn around, face forward, and press on… it must be done. I had started this process on my own, but it really kicked into full gear when love re-entered my life. So many things are healing for us… I had forgotten the healing power of love.

Find love and add it to your life. It does not have to be love of another person, but love. I think the greatest love of all is love of self. I work on this daily.

Changes… Rebirth Of An Eagle…

As I have mentioned… huge changes are coming for me. Decisions I had to consider at length and be sure that I was making a logical choice. In just a couple weeks I will be moving back to Las Vegas… my home town.

I have been in AZ for a little more than a year and have enjoyed being closer to my family. It is with a heavy heart that I will be leaving them, yet I am happy to return to my “home” and to my oldest children. My life is certainly unpredictable but I know that this decision to live in Las Vegas for the next two years is a logical move for me. I get to see my oldest children through their last couple years of school… then afterwards, who knows what is to come. I would like to plan on moving to my younger children 2 years down the road… and while it is a goal in sight…like I said, I cannot predict the future. I can set goals and make plans… and then take this ride of life and see where I end up.

Change is good. While I am a bit nervous about the move, I am also very happy and confident with my choice.

I want to share this video with you… it is sooooo inspirational and really is amazing. I originally saw it on Celeste’s blog, Mortal Hearts With Immortal Souls… and was in awe. Please take a moment to watch this video… you will be inspired. ♥

Win In Your Mind!

“You’ve got to win in your mind before you win in your life.” – John Addison

A POWERFUL positive affirmation… great advice… indeed truth.

I cannot tell you how many times I have said, “I can’t do it” when in the throes of mental chaos.

We are what we think… ! This is powerful here my friends. Each opportunity we have for greatness comes from the mind. If we can learn to control our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones… isn’t anything possible??

This move I am making is a perfect example. I have been a bit scared, but aside from scared, I am very excited. And not once have I told myself that I “can’t” do it. I have gotten my mind in order to align everything so that life will fall in place as it needs to be.

Our thoughts are very powerful… shouldn’t we be in control of what our thoughts are??

Train yourself into positivity.

“What hurts you, blesses you…”

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”

Even in pain, there are blessings to be seen, we just have to be willing to see what they are.

Life is seldom easy… explanations are sometimes difficult to understand… love sometimes takes an unexpected turn.

Through it all, there is light.

There’s a new door opened when one is closed. Find the positivity in the pain and dwell there instead of in the pain itself.

Life is a grand adventure… ride through the darkness on the light.

© bipolarmuse 2012

Mahatma Gandhi Quote

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I adore this quote!

From a fellow blogger I have read that emotional intelligence is knowing that ” people don’t make you mad, sad, happy, etc” but rather… you choose to be such.

When we believe someone else is responsible for our feelings… we create more havoc and unnecessary pain for ourselves.

We have a knee jerk reaction when someone does not behave in the way that WE think they should.

Everyone is different and may not have the same views with you, so setting your expectations for yourself does not mean those expectations are the same for others.

This concept it spot on.

Nobody is responsible for how you feel.

Why allow others to be in control of your feelings… be in control yourself.

You alone are responsible for your own happiness and any other emotion you have.

Be gentle on yourself and be the master of your feelings.