A Transforming Musey

Last year was the worst for my blog and I am disappointed in myself for allowing it to fall to the wayside… it is my goal, my dream really, to create a blog that is like a community. A place for others to come because here, they know they are truly not alone in their struggles.

So this year I have come up with a schedule of sorts. Each day of the week will focus on something specific… that way, those who follow along, will be able to foresee which posts they are most interested in. Of course, I hope you read daily (wink wink), but totally understand that sometimes life will not allow free time for everything, and priorities may take over… maybe the cat litter box is over-flowing and ya got to break away from Musey land… lol… I totally get it.

So… my plan?

This may change as I begin implementing the structure, as this is kind of the rough draft, but you get what I am saying.

Mondays will be about Mindfulness, DBT therapy, living in the here and NOW.

Tuesday will be inspirational stories… not always mental health related, but positivity in all its awesome forms.

Wednesdays will be WOOT WOOT… Humpday Humor.

Thursdays will be either “Throwback”, or “Thankful”.


Fridays will be “Freaky” LOL… ok, maybe not freaky, but “Free For All Friday”… I can choose any subject matter. Maybe I can get some followers to write me and give me little excerpts I can share here in Musey Land.

Thanks so much for your patience! I am up and running and so excited to be back… so much to share!

©bipolarmuse 2015

7 thoughts on “A Transforming Musey”

    1. Rest!! LOL, I know I probably won’t completely stick to my schedule, but its there for me to try to stay active here! 🙂 I am wanting to do some creative stuff with video… excited for that… testing out some editing programs now. So fun!!

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      1. I have so many ideas swirling in my head but haven’t been able to make any happen. LOL. However, I have been learning some different editing software to make my own little “movies”… theres quite a bit out there for beginners like me… but some of it takes alot of effort to learn. So far, I like AVG’s editing software… and the “free” version is the same as the purchased version, only difference is that the free one will leave a watermark on your finished product, the paid version does not… but that is perfect because it has helped me decide whether or not to purchase it… and it is well worth the money. I sure wish I had friends near by with similar ambitions… it would be so fun!!!!

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