Just Another Quack Doctor….

So yesterday I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to a doctor practicing in the medical field as an OB/GYN, who literally told me that she did NOT believe in Psychiatrists, nor in mental disorders like Bipolar Disorder… or in severe mental illness like uncontrolled paranoid schizophrenia.

When she told this to me, my eyes burned into her… they locked onto hers and just intensely stared into her, looking for some inclination that she was just teasing. Well friends, she was dead serious. She has absolutely no belief in it and thinks we “all have problems”, some of us just handle them better. She told me if I just accept things, heal and learn to love myself, and take it one minute at a time, I would be able to come off all the medication that has kept me stable (or as close as I could get to stable), and I would never have to take them again. WTF??

This is a doctor who works with pregnant women and delivers their children into this world. How does this doctor help a woman suffering from postpartum depression? Isn’t it negligent on this doctors part to not help these women??

I was honestly speechless. I was sitting before a person who obviously thought I was a liar about my mental state… what else could this doctor believe? She made a point of saying that these Psychiatrists want to give everyone a “blanket” diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, no matter what the “real” cause of their symptoms may be.

I am disgusted that this person, someone that we all would look to for guidance and direction, is sharing this poison with others.

I may be able to agree that the diagnosis is thrown around quite a bit… but that it doesn’t exist at all?? No, I am sorry. I have personally seen what this disorder has done to me and my life. I have felt, first hand, the chaos that becomes my brain when I accidentally skip doses of my bipolar medications. I live this disorder.

I will make certain I never refer a friend, or anyone for that matter, to this Doctor. EVER.

9/11 Jumpers


As I was doing some research on the tragedy of 9/11, I found something that is utterly appalling to me.

After the plane struck the North Tower, many people were seen jumping from the building to their death. Do you consider this suicide? I certainly do not. Yet, there is so much stigma surrounding this FACT of what happened that horrific day. I have found article after article saying that people do not want to acknowledge this happened because many believe that choosing to die (no matter the circumstances) is a sin. Is this disgusting to you as well?

I am not religious… if anything, I would say I am spiritual. But I do believe that no matter what, an Almighty, Perfect Creator would KNOW that someone who jumped from a building that was on fire and reaching temperatures of 2900 degrees F in some areas, did not commit a sin! It was reported to be so hot in some areas that people were standing on desks because the floor was painfully hot. Can you imagine that heat?? And we have all seen the smoke billowing from the buildings… how many of us would stand in it and choose to die by not being able to breathe. The word “choose” actually should not be in the equation at all. The victims of 9/11 did not have a “choice”… death was going to have them on that day.

I can see why some, faced with certain death, opted to go in the cool air instead of by fire and/or extreme heat, breathing fresh air instead of thick black smoke, and hitting the pavement at the speed of 125mph or more, dying instantly instead of suffocating or being burned alive.

They deserve recognition… they deserve peace… they deserve to be thought of as heroic, not as cowards. It has made me sick to think that people would be so cruel as to say that these people, who had death chosen for them that day, were sinners because they died in this way.

Another sign of the stigma of suicide… even though these brave people were murdered regardless of the way they died…

Just a side note for those who are religious and believe that suicide is a sin… note that in the bible, Judas hung himself because he betrayed Jesus. Have you noticed that nowhere in the bible does it mention his death as a sin. He wasn’t berated for it, he wasn’t called a sinner for it, nor did it say anywhere that is death would land him in hell. If I am wrong, educate me. If you just had an “aha” moment… be sure to share that little fact next time the conversation about suicide sending someone on a one way ride to hell comes up.