A Song That Defined The 90’s For You??

On the radio they were talking about these “lists” that come out, of songs, that “represent” the time frame… like the 90’s for example, and all the songs listed were NOT the song that defined the 90’s for me. The only song that stands out like a sore thumb, that would be indicative of  that time, again… for me… well, may not be the song you remember most… however, you would have to agree that this band was huge in the mid 90’s and remain to be a staple today. At least for people like me. LOL.

So what song has 90’s stamped on it for me?? No Doubts Just A Girl….

I sooooooo rocked this song…

3 thoughts on “A Song That Defined The 90’s For You??”

  1. My song was Lithium by Nirvana. Even though I have never actually been on Lithium, the song sure represented the rollercoaster of feelings I was going through (and still am, sometimes.)


    1. Great song choice!! Nirvana was definitely in my list of bands that represented the 90’s for me. I was on my way to learning about my disorders. Saw a doc the first time for it in 95 and was told to start exercising…lol. That was it. Never saw a doc again for 5 more years.


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