I Will Wait For You





I Will Wait For You

Nothing on this earth prepared me for the love, that as a mother, I have for my children. Nothing compares to it… nothing can hold a candle to this love. They may not be with me physically, but they are always with me in in mind, heart, and soul.

I will wait. However long it takes to have them at my side without losing out on more of their lives… I will wait.

For sharing dreams and wishing on stars… I will wait.

For now, I love, watch, listen, stare, care, hurt, and cry… I learn… I give pieces of myself to make them whole.

My day will come… so I will wait.

15 thoughts on “I Will Wait For You”

    1. Absolutely. While it is hard to do, (not having them with me), I sacrifice myself for them and make the hard choices “right” for them… for their well-being and happiness. ♥


  1. Bless you, sweetie….Such grace and strength and love in your words for your beautiful children…..They are very blessed to have you for a mom…… ❤
    Love you and I am here if you need to talk….


  2. This is heart-tugging and I can relate to this love of being a mother. Very beautiful words penned here, Muse, and I love this song…they are very lucky to have you and you, them! Sending hugs of strength…♥


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