This Past Month…



This past month I have been blessed by having my little ones here with me! I have had all of my children here and have been enjoying them immensely. My oldest daughter has really been a wonderful big sis and takes the little ones here and there to take them for ice cream, happy meals, swimming, and sleep overs… lol… they have loved it!

If you have followed along, you remember that my little ones are moving to Germany later next month, (Another Twist In Life), and will be gone for the next three years. This absolutely breaks my heart. I do know that this will be a wonderful opportunity for them, and I am reminding myself constantly of the positives for the little ones, myself and my older children (i.e. Future trips to Germany and seeing other countries we would not otherwise see).

On Monday, July first, I fly my little ones home to Texas and then board a returning flight home  just six hours after handing them back over into their Dads care. The tears are already coming to me and I am preparing for the swing that will no doubt hit me.

In the meantime, we are enjoying every second of our “summer” together. I cannot begin to explain how truly wonderful it has been  to have them home here with me. All the cuddles, kisses, moments of braiding my little girls pigtails to talking with my youngest son about why Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Every moment is accounted for in my mind. I want to memorize the feel of their hugs… the sweet “I love you’s” uttered… I want every moment etched into my heart.

As I should have, I spoke to my doctor about the difficulty of letting them go. She reminded me that being mentally healthy is the best gift I can give them, and that one day, they will know and understand the depth of my love and selfless acts on their behalf.

I am building an action plan for the difficulties that will arise with this move… and I will happily share that plan…. not today, but soon.

I have 3 days left with them… here’s to making every second count.

Blogging Help


Since I began blogging with wordpress, I have had great luck with building followers and following others. At one time, I was insanely busy writing posts and reading my followers posts and I had a great following with my followers “liking” or commenting on my posts.

This last year has taken a toll on bipolarmuse. I haven’t been writing poetry and posting nearly close to what I use to do. I would love a new look and a revamp of my blog. I understand that this will take time and perhaps a little money out of pocket to purchase a theme instead of using the free ones provided from wordpress.

Do any of you have any advice on how I can rebuild my followers and encourage them to read and either “like” or comment on my posts. I do understand that my blog may not be everyones cup of tea, but I know that I can increase followers and participation from them because I once had that.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can go about doing this?

I appreciate any advice that you send my way…♥

p.s. Thank you to all my followers who have always been a great support! I have several of you who are faithful followers and I love that so much.  🙂

Ah Snap. Daft Punk. Pharrell Williams. Get Lucky. Lets Dance!

Pharrell takes it back! I use to love this dude… circa ’02, ’03.

He rocks this… makes (even) me want to to get up and move (anyone who has seen that KNOWS what a feat that is).

We’re up all night to get lucky~

Mental Illness and Gun Control

With all of the shootings at schools, the movie theater, the malls… the government wants to deny those with mental illnesses to have a gun. Why aren’t they concerned with the real problem… treating mental illnesses.

It is absurd to think that everyone who commits a crime with a gun is suffering from mental illness… some people are just plain “bad”. Personally, I believe that if the government deny’s fire arms to those with mental disorders, then these people with homicidal tendencies will just find another way to carry out the acts. This could result in knives being used, bombs constructed, poisons, etc. I think they are trying to solve the problem in the wrong way. We must get a handle on the mental health crisis in our nation. Insurances don’t want to pay out for mental health services, Psychiatrists see you for ten minutes and then just writes a script, the services available are a joke. I was on a year long list for counseling services. The man (James Oliver Hubert) who shot  and killed twenty one people in a McDonalds in 1984 reached out for help before committing the crime. He called to make an appointment at a mental health clinic but they didn’t call him back fast enough to make that appointment. In fact, they called back the day he committed the crime but he never received that call because he was already out the door to follow through with his plan. Had they called back sooner, perhaps he would have never done that horrendous act.

Mental health care is a serious issue and needs to be addressed… more so than gun control. In fact, one of the most hideous homicidal acts in a school was in 1927. (Bath School Disaster.) A man used a bomb, not a fire arm. 45 people total were killed, 38 were children. This just shows that there are other methods that people will use… especially if denied owning guns. And truly, if someone is banned from getting  a gun, they can always buy one off the streets.

Lets work on the root of the problem, not just use a band-aid. If  we address the mental health issues and put programs in place to help those with issues, we would have less of a reason to order gun control.

A New Look ~ #1

I have decided to change up the look of my blog to give it a fresh feel… since in 1 1/2 years it has not changed, it is well overdue. I will try out two different styles… this one, which I think looks a bit more professional, (the one you are currently reading this post from). Or this one called balloons… which do you like??  The balloons is a single column down the center…





Incredible Video of Autistic Girl Learning To Communicate… A Must See

I have mentioned before that my youngest son is diagnosed with a high functioning form of Autism. His diagnosis is PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). When I say that he is high functioning, I mean very high. Most people do not think that he is Autistic, but once they are told, they usually notice some of his little quirks. He is an amazing little boy and look forward to when he is an adult and he can communicate what it is like being him.

This video is amazing. Even with my son, once he was able to communicate (we used picture boards and some sign language until his vocabulary kicked in), a lot of his behaviors changed. It was like a huge relief for him… and the frustration started to melt away.

In this video, the girl is severely autistic… please watch it. Listen to how she describes what it is like to be her… watch her come to life right before your eyes.

Link in Autism, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia

Autism- My Experience

Hyper-sexuality When Manic


I have mentioned this topic before and week after week, it is the most searched for topic on Google that directs people to my blog. So what I want to do is list some symptoms, and talk about methods that can help one to avoid this ugly part of this already disruptive disorder.

Symptoms of Mania

elevated mood, feeling high or superior, racing thoughts, creative ideas, leads to agitation and poor decisions, alternate with depression, grandiose, irritable, belligerent, deny anything is wrong, high energy, decreased perception of need (or ability) to sleep, hyper-sexuality, hyper-religiosity, hyper activity, talkativeness, grandiose ideas and plans, out of character behavior, increased stress in personal relationships, and problems at work.

Other possible symptoms of Mania

elation, extreme optimism, rapid speech, racing thoughts/flight of ideas, agitation, poor judgment, recklessness, easily distracted, inability to concentrate, believing you’re int the best mental state.

Severe Symptoms of Mania

Hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, intense and unusual religious belief, sexual promiscuity, risk taking, gambling, and binge spending.

As you can see here, these symptoms, which may seem fairly easy to deal with, often come and turn your life upside down… ruining personal relationships, and professional relationships. The two symptoms that really have me interested are hyper-sexuality and hyper-religiosity… the latter fascinates me and I believe I may need to research it and do an entirely separate post about it.

What is Hyper-sexuality?

Bipolar Hyper-sexuality often shows itself during a manic episode. During mania, we often make very impulsive decisions that can have a life altering affect. Including impulsive choices with sexual activity. We may become excessively interested or involved in sexual activity…. with an increase in sexual activity with ones partner, involvement in internet porn, and excessive use of telephone sex service (regardless of the cost).

At times, during hyper-sexuality, one may engage in extramarital  affairs, seek out prostitutes, etc. All are risky behaviors

What’s significant?

Well, what is significant is that there is a change or difference from ones normal behavior. Often times, during Hyper-sexuality, one will  have multiple sex partners, think about sex constantly, engage in one night stands, and a abnormally high interest in internet porn.

How can we “treat” Hyper-sexuality during mania?

There is no tried and true treatment for someone experiencing Hyper-sexuality. It can possibly be treated by either introducing, or increasing the use of an anti-psychotic. Aside from that, there are no medications to help with this… but instead, one must use other means to keep themselves in control.

Some recommendations include: occupying your time with hobbies that you love to do or learn a new hobby and become engrossed in learning it. This will keep your mind and hands  busy… which would help tremendously when hyper-sexuality is rearing its ugly head. Also, begin a new exercise regimen. If you already workout, maybe change it up a bit and add yoga classes. Keeping your time occupied is a good preventative. Perhaps get into therapy and learn more/new coping skills… a skilled therapist would certainly be beneficial. Always avoid situations that may be compromising… keeping your head clear and staying away from potential opportunities for sex is key. If the opportunity isn’t right in front of your face, it will be easier to remain strong in your resolution. Avoid alcohol. (Very important.) Alcohol lowers our inhibitions… allowing one to say or do something that we wouldn’t otherwise do. Alcohol should be avoided anyways by those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder… but even-more-so, it should be avoided in social circumstances where you could have the opportunity to act on your Hyper-sexuality. Another great idea for those of you in relationships… have more sex. Yes, you read that right. Use your mania to your advantage and have as much sex as you want. This is safe for those in a monogamous relationship of course, and should be used as much as you desire. Doing this may help one to quench that Hyper-sexual sex desire. Get into it… try new sexual positions, role play, add a little pornography if that’s your thing. Add new toys to your collection (again, if that is your thing). Get kinky… talk dirty… etc. Just get into being sexual with your partner. Doing this is healthy for your relationship and also for your mind… orgasms are good for mental health and help to release endorphins, which are ‘feel good’ chemicals.

Even though there is no way to get rid of Hyper-sexuality, there are healthy ways to help keep it in control as mentioned above. I am sure that you can come up with more good ideas of your own…

Another thing that would be helpful is to create an action plan for when an episode strikes you. Having this plan in place will help you all around, whether it’s mania or depression that kicks in. It will help you to feel more in control of this disorder, and it will give you helpful ideas of what to do (or not do). An action plan is a must, not only for you, but also for others who will have an idea (based on your action plan) of how to help you.

Above all else… remember that you can always ask for help from family and friends. You do not have to go through everything alone. Having someone close to you to help is the best medicine.



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