A Short Memorial Day Thanks


There will be alot of Memorial Day posts so I will keep this short.

It is not about beer and BBQ’s…

I have known a few men and women who are military, been part of war, and they made it home. Not all make it home, able to walk on their own two feet. Regardless of this… all who have served make great sacrifices. Some sacrifice all and give their lives for our freedoms… some live through it and sacrifice in other ways… like broken marriages, nightmares and therapy, and the inability to function normally in society.

All make a sacrifice of some sort.

Thank you to all who serve and offer themselves, breath… heart… and soul, for our freedoms.

To those lost and those living… my warmest thanks… I couldn’t say it enough.


Remember what this day is truly about. ♥

7 thoughts on “A Short Memorial Day Thanks”

  1. This is wonderful, Muse, and you had me at “this is not about beer & BBQ’s!” Sometimes I think people forget the true meaning and just plan their events…we are one of 2 on our block that hang our flag. I think we’re old! 🙂 Many don’t hang flags anymore, but we are proud to honor those who have served and sacrificed…so thank you for this reminder and have a lovely day…xxx


    1. Thank you for reading. 🙂 I have had close people in my life who serve in the military… and it is so important to let them know that we are appreciative of their sacrifice. My boyfriend is an infantry veteran… sent to war right after 9/11 and made it home without a scratch. And my little ones Dad serves in the Air Force. They make sacrifices big and small. ♥


      1. I agree with you completely and I’m glad your bf made it home safely and it is commendable that your little ones Dad is in the Air Force. My Dad and Father-in-law both served and it is important to be thankful, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today…have a wonderful day. ♥


  2. This is the UK and not the US, but the issue remains.


    The organ breathes softly in the still air.
    The gentle hesitant notes,
    just enough to underline the silence,
    not wanting to intrude.

    … and i am suddenly awake
    on the alert
    i can hear something, see shapes out there
    but i can’t make anything out clearly in the murk
    then gradually i start to lose focus
    my thoughts begin to blur and drift
    i open my eyes …

    In a corner, with the dust and cobwebs,
    a few bits of confetti,
    reminders of joyful celebrations.
    A world away today.

    in this uncanny night of timeless wandering
    i stumble upon a small band
    shadows suddenly shift
    enough to frighten a blind man
    platoons of sound slowly die away in the darkness
    the village band dandelion puffs soft sadly mushroom
    playing out my hero hour

    In the vestry the vicar rehearses.
    Murmurs reassuring words,
    “We gather to remember and honour …”
    And puts on his surplice.

    with gold braid yawns
    bosoms fall flat with a sigh
    i squint in the dim sickly lights of the small hours
    flashback, or perhaps déjà vu, the undead walk
    no i see it’s just a harmless man
    and his harmless dog little puzzles in the moon
    he looks at me funny in my hero hour

    Everyone in the surrounding area
    is here to show their respect.
    “Died immediately, mercifully.”
    “By a sniper, I think.”

    bosoms fall flat in gold braid yawns
    sighs slide passively past my ravaged eyes
    no more vain attempts to guess significance
    down the wind i hear the village band’s dandelion
    puff mushroom soft and sadly blowing i squint in the haze
    “Walk up, walk up,” says the man
    and his dog seems to pant at the moon

    Someone’s mobile goes off and is silenced.
    Curious, a small child whispers,
    “Mummy, where do people go when they die?”
    “Hush, pet,” is the answer.

    the dog has big eyes like a cow’s
    yet he walks as if he can’t see
    like a puddle waiting to evaporate in the sun
    while the gold braid dandelion mushroom puffs on sad softly
    i see it’s only a harmless man
    and his harmless dog like puddles in the moon
    he looks at me funny in my hero hour

    a pale trick in the lonely night


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