The Importance Of Meds

I couldn’t sleep last night and I just laid there, tossing and turning, my mind running at 500mph. When it was time to get up, I was relieved that I didn’t have to lay there any longer.

My mind was RACING. Crazy thoughts with no order or rhythm… just complete randomness. It was torture. My brain felt like it was firing off in a million different directions.

I decided to take a morning nap and it was more of the same… a restless mind… running and running.

I kept trying to find the “trigger” to this insomnia and racing thoughts, but was coming up empty handed. Then I went into the bathroom and it dawned on me that I had missed my medicine two days in a row. Yikes! No wonder my brain was in overdrive… the meds that I take to prevent mania were no longer in my system.

I took the medicine instantly and started having relief within the half hour.

Meds are important. Note to self…

9 thoughts on “The Importance Of Meds”

  1. I have done the same thing a couple of times. Only it was 1 night. Triggered severe mania.
    But what yo posted about thoughts, tossing and turning, that is me every night :/
    Sending hugs and love!


    1. Yes, that use to be me every night as well. Thankfully, I found a cocktail that worked at kept on it. Last night and this morning was a VIVID reminder of why I take meds. ♥ My mind was out of control.


      1. It’s been getting worse for me at night. I will go to bed and my mind will take off, I feel completely fidgety and uneasy, like I want to crawl out of my skin. To help, I play relaxing music and thankfully that does the trick.


      2. Yes, we use an app on the phone that plays rain or other water sounds. My BF has put together a mix of rain and river water for us to fall to sleep to. It is pretty amazing how well it works for us.


  2. Meds that have to be taken or else are a strange burden.
    Mine are nothing like ours (I’m insulin dependent), but I know that feeling of relief when your body starts behaving the way you want it to again.


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