Try Looking At It Through My Eyes~ Day Two

Day Two – “My Eyes” – Take and publish a photo of your eyes (or if you prefer simply look in the mirror). Using no less that 50 words imagine those eyes belonged to a stranger and you are looking into them for the first time. What do those eyes alone say to you about the person whose eyes they are?

015Fun, Kind, Enticing… these eyes say several different things to me and though they say several things, the one that it leaves out is “manic depressive”. LOL. If these were a stangers, I would have no clue that anything other than happiness had ever resided behind these eyes.

I see someone happy, joyful, compassionate, fun, excited, loving life!

This picture was taken a couple months ago and I would have to say that happiness is felt through these eyes… I felt it then and I can see and feel it now. ♥

16 thoughts on “Try Looking At It Through My Eyes~ Day Two”

      1. Oy….hot mess, indeed.
        To comment on your eyes….
        I see one word.
        Recovery. I think this entails all of your most beautiful parts as well. You’re awesome and a great inspiration to young women everywhere. You show that you CAN take control of your life, and leave your faults behind in the cloud of smoke they SHOULD be in.


  1. You look very much in love, There is something about looking at your own eyes. Mine are different now, I had eye surgery so no I see 20/20 at a distance but up close need reading glasses. So when I look in the mirror my eyes are bluer and they look so different. Birghter and more sensitive. Anyway, I am here today to leave you a message.

    I nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012” award & The Very Inspiring Blog Award. Please go to and go to this link at Congratulations!


      1. thanks for letting me know. i thought i was losing it when the messages kept disappearing. that is so odd. i have left messages on all the blogs before. doesn’t sound like spam. oh. well, now the mystery has been solved. stupid spam for sure. 🙄


  2. Hello, I have nominated you for “Blog of the Year 2012″ and “The Very Inspiring Blog Award”…You can find the awards and the pick up at “The Secret Keeper(dot)net” Congratulations! ps. for some reason your blogs will not accept a link in your comment boxes.


    1. Thank you so very much!!! I have no clue why my comment boxes will not allow links, I haven’t changed any settings so that is weird.
      Again, thank you. I am honored and humbled that you thought of me. ♥


      1. You have touched my life with your words and honesty. You can always blow me away. You are so giving. And I am so happy that you share the love you feel and that you have someone so wonderful in your life who is the best mate. You give me courage and such a sense of freedom. All of who you are and what you do and write so moves me. love and peace, jennifer ♥


  3. Hey Muse,

    Good pic and good post.

    I agree with you. I also see fun and kindness in those eyes, and (if I might add) just a hint of mischief LOL 🙂

    Really pleased that you are doing this challenge and hope you really enjoy it and benefit from it.

    I am just about finished on mine and it has been a very mixed bag of emotions in the process but I am glad I did it. 🙂

    Kind Regards and God bless you.


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