Ahhhh, I know there will be haters…

I have been addicted to this song since the first time I heard it on the radio…but I could never catch who the artist was who sang it. So tonight, while driving to go rollerblading with my son, the song came on and I wrote down “As long as you love me” to search for it on youtube.

I was shocked to say the least.

It’s a Bieber song… take a listen. ♥

24 thoughts on “Ahhhh, I know there will be haters…”

  1. I admire your bravery in coming out like that.
    I made it 48 seconds. (:35, but pause didn’t work and it took a few seconds for the page to refresh.)
    In that time, there was nothing I heard that I liked.


    1. LOL! I imagine it depends on musical tastes. I am brave for posting such a thing because anytime I mention Bieber, it seems like there’s a firing squad ready to take me out. HAHA


  2. i see the consensus here favors my lack of interest for this musician. i suppose you were brave muse for posting a lick of his. but it’s ok for others to like him…haha.


    1. LOL… I must admit that I am a Bieber fan. I watched his movie about how he got to where he is and in all honesty, he is highly talented and from a very young age. But we don’t all have to agree. 😉


  3. In an effort to head off accusations of hypocrisy for what I’ve said above, I went with Hanson for today’s music on my Friday post.
    But, to be fair, I did try to listen to your bieber tune before running away screaming.


    1. LOL… I understand. I think I will always have a place in my heart for cotton candy pop music…
      Hanson…. hmmmm, I remember them I believe. I am off to read your post. 🙂


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