With Poetic Words ~ Like Red On A Rose

** I wanted to post this song along with my poem… at one time , these words truly meant something to me…and in ways, still do. And like the love lost…this song has a special place in my heart. Country music is not usually my favorite…but this is one of the most beautiful tributes to “Love”…and I remember those moments through this song…**

That first time, into your eyes I gazed…

 infatuation of a newborn love blazed back,

searing into mine.

In you, I could see my life.

Your palm fit perfectly with mine…

The energy, the heat,

The longing… the love like red…

Like red on a rose.

The butterflies, fluttering within…

…the ‘forevers’ whispered.

the adoring passion of your gaze…

seen from the corner of my eyes,

I saw it, all the while, pretending to be blind.

I didn’t want to give up on us…

nor break my own heart.

Instead I broke two…I broke us.

Now with poetic words, I sing…

I gave up on me…but never on our love.

© bipolarmuse 2012

11 thoughts on “With Poetic Words ~ Like Red On A Rose”

  1. Very nice post …please follow link and click like to help me win this challenge please …Thanks Timhttp://anexerciseindiscipline.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/weekly-photo-challenge-timzauto/


  2. I love the style of it and I love how it feels when I whisper it aloud. I like this poem a lot, Bipolarmuse, but it’s probably the wrong time for me to be reading it. Or the right one. For me, a relationship ended extremely recently (read: yesterday.) and I’m currently in recovery. So it hit home and made me start crying again. Thank you for sharing. <3<3 it really is beautiful.

    All the <3s,


  3. Muse … beautiful, sorrowful … and filled with heart that still longs and loves. The music was a perfect fit with your lovely poem. Gentle hugs and love from Julie xoxox


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