My Immortal- Evanescence

When B and I officially split up (we broke up several times and then got back together)… I felt like I walked away with my head held high, and that I had been “over” the relationship long before it was over.

However, when he passed away, I was hurled right back into the relationship. All of a sudden I hadn’t lost an “ex” but rather my “fiance”. I was catapulted back into the relationship and rubbed raw by all the emotions of what we went through together. His death opened old wounds and gave me new ones. Life all of a sudden became “before he died” and “After he died”… it was a pivoting point in my life.

This song came out not long after he passed… and I felt like it was a soundtrack to my life in that moment.

It speaks for itself.

4 thoughts on “My Immortal- Evanescence”

  1. The songs of our pivotal moments stay with us, and forever retain the power to bring us back. It’s something I wouldn’t change for anything.


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