Bipolarmuse’s Blog is Reaching Further Than Realized

I got a most wonderful email from Charlie whose blog is Sacred Meetings In Stillness. What he said in it blew my mind… for one because he was very uplifting in his message and because of something that is simply amazing…. here is an excerpt.


“I wanted to let you know that when I went trail running the other day I ran into a university professor doing cutting edge research on Bipolar Disorder.  He attends international conferences and so forth…this work is his life.
Want to hear the fun part?  I mentioned to him your blog.  He already knew about it and said that most of his colleagues read it as well.  I thought that may interest you.  Your blog has a very positive impact upon the world..allowing people to really take things out and look at them honestly.   And for folks with Bipolar issues, it certainly must be a breath of much needed air.”
Can you say WOW!!! I was blown away by this little piece of info and I am so honored that this blog, these pieces of me that I share, has been finding its way to all different people.
Charlie went on to say:
“What I really want you to hear is that you are in healing and recovery and that when you call yourself crazy or label yourself as BiPolar…I see something completely different.  I see a very awakened woman, and a very strong woman, who is integrating a lot of hurt and loss.  And you are doing an amazing tremendous fantastic job of it.  
Peace on your journey and thank you for being who you are,
Thank you Charlie for not only sharing this information with me but also for the reminder that my writings are a testament to the inspiration I want to share with others… and that it reaches them in a positive way.
If my writings help one person see that light in them that they think is lost… even if it is just a flicker that they can build on… I am more than ecstatic that I decided to share these deepest parts of me. ♥

26 thoughts on “Bipolarmuse’s Blog is Reaching Further Than Realized”

  1. Well, I can’t believe you’re surprised. 🙂 Congratulations though, you deserve to be known and well-known, at that. Your writings have made me laugh, cry, nod my head, and smile. You have a gift and a talent and you should be proud of yourself for finding that and especially for inspiring all of us. We love you Bipolarmuse. ❤ 🙂


  2. Congratulations, my beautiful friend! This only validates what I have believed in you all along! Again, I say, you should compile your poems into a book and seek publication! I am certain you will be successful, not to mention the countless lives you willl touch. I am so happy to be a part of your blog world!


  3. Holy hell, this is quite the honor!! Not even a bit surprised, though; your writing is extremely powerful and honest, reflective of how strong and empowered you are becoming. Congrats, mama!


    1. My jaw hit the floor when I read that email. I am glad that others are seeing the fight and conquer of these mood disorders. I may have to follow some rules to keep them in check, but I feel that they don’t rule over me as they use to.


  4. Wow Muse, that’s wonderful! I’ll say, it has helped to know a fellow blogger has gone through something so similar, especially with my recent loss. Hugs and kudos!


  5. What a great affirmation..It shows that many read your blog and may not make comments but that it is having an impact…How great….congratulations on a job well done and still doing! Diane


    1. Thank you Diane. It is interesting… I sometimes wish I had more comments but I think that what is important is that the words are making an impact. 🙂 I do get emails from people who share their thoughts privately which I respect and am honored they felt compelled to reach out. ♥ Thank you for reading and your comment. ♥


  6. Amazing, my lovely friend….I am not at all surprised….I rejoice with you over this stunning news…..may you continue to carry the light and pass it around the world as you shine out your love…..
    love to you


    1. Thank you Celeste. I just enjoy doing it very much. I need to get onto a regular schedule and set aside time for it because it truly is a love of mine to write and share. 😀


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