My Past…You I Release

My Past… You I release

Cut through,

a jagged knife in the side.

Unable to forget those lingering words.

Damage irreparable.

Tiptoe through shards,

Of a most broken life.

Charade of lies.

I made you “lose all hope in humanity”…

How those words echo,


Shake me, cut at my heart, burn away my soul.

Those simple words…

bring me to my reality.

I did not mean to run, I did not want to hide.

I only wanted relief,

of these tormenting demons.

I needed escape from my dangerous thoughts…

I gambled and lost.

Gambled with my life.

Now I rise, take hold of what I believe.

Take hold of the love,


Moving forward, piecing myself back together.

Held in open arms.

My past…you I release.

© bipolarmuse 2012

10 thoughts on “My Past…You I Release”

  1. Wonderful healing words….”our light and momentary troubles are not worth comparing to the glory that shall be revealed in you’…and also the peace, freedom and love you have long sought and fought for…..It feels to me that soon you will be entering into a period of rest in your soul….dosn’t mean you wont experience pain, but you will be getting acquainted with your growing faith, and getting reaquainted with this new you that is emerging..the real you…..:)


  2. Oh my Goodness, this feels so powerful. I feel the release. May my past go behind me and fowards I look on towards the goal. Liberation, freedom, and an overflow of joy unspeakable flowing in my heart, my mind drowned by peace within my soul. How beautiful this is and so full of life so full of light glowing from within at such a special exuberance that is blinding and yet warming like a kindle flame that will never burn out.

    I love this poem. Births new inspiration in me. 🙂


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